Los Angeles Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an IT Security Audit

  • Focus:

    Nearly every penetration test uncovers gaping security flaws and exploits that could cripple a company’s network.

  • Mobile Data Exposure:

    Mobile devices are often unencrypted and vulnerable to theft or loss.

  • Zero Day Exploits:

    Hackers have access to exploits which the software manufactures are unaware off and have not yet patched.

  • Global Hacking:

    International hackers are working round the clock to find new ways to breach systems.

  • Undetected Breaches:

    Many companies do not even realize they have been compromised and may be leaking data for months or even years.

  • Cloud Security:

    Companies making a move towards the cloud must understand the security risks and procedures.


Los Angeles Ethical Hacking Services

Tiro Security is qualified Los Angeles penetration testing company assisting companies of all sizes to safeguard against an array of system breaches. Founded by a veteran team of dedicated ethical hackers in Los Angeles with over 25 years of IT security experience, Tiro Security’s team ensures that your company’s IT network is thoroughly tested and safeguarded against malicious attacks.

Clients from a wide range of industries in Los Angeles have trusted in Tiro Security for professional penetration testing services. Los Angeles ethical hacking clients have included defense contractors, international law firms, and high profile public figures.

“Tiro Security produced a comprehensive penetration test and report highlighting potential vulnerabilities and the risk it proposed as well as an easy explanation of what was needed to fix the issues. We were so pleased we have already asked them to look at some of our other software products.”
- CTO of Los Angeles based Non-Profit

The True Costs of Hacking

Corporate espionage, state-sponsored hacking and global organized crime syndicates make the news cycle here in LA every day. Hacking issues have never been so high profile or so costly. Trillions of dollars have been lost due to stolen intellectual property, negative PR, and the high cost associated with fixing a network breach. A thorough IT security audit from a Los Angeles ethical hacking company should be highest priority to prevent malicious network attacks.

  • $5.5 million =

    average cost to a business when its computer network is hacked

  • 156 days =

    avg time that passes until a company discovers their network is compromised

  • 1 trillion dollars =

    value of intellectual property stolen worldwide every year

How Much Does a Penetration Test Cost?

The relative cost for an annual penetration test in Los Angeles starts at a few thousand dollars and then rises depending on the size and scope of the security audit needed. Compare that to the cost of dealing with the aftermath of a successful attack, and you could easily be in the high six figures and well into the millions. A Los Angeles penetration test is not a replacement for good vulnerability scanning software and vice versa. They compliment each other, so investing in one area does not mean you should neglect the other.

FBI Director Robert Mueller stated that cyber threats could soon take over terrorism as the Bureau’s number one priority. In a recent speech he was quoted as saying:

“There are only 2 types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be. Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be again.”



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