Cybersecurity 101: Recruiting in a Candidate-Driven Market

Tip for More Effective Hiring

For your organization to remain secure and competitive in the digital world, you need the best staff in the cybersecurity industry. You know this, yet you’re struggling to fill your cybersecurity jobs with high-caliber candidates. Why?

Your biggest challenge in hiring today is that you’re in a candidate-driven market. But what does this really mean, and how can you hire more effectively?

What Is a Candidate-Driven Market, and Why Is It Important?

A candidate-driven market is a labor market where the demand for cybersecurity skills increases faster than supply. The cybersecurity skills gap is leaving holes in your workforce and its ability to move forward, because there simply aren’t enough skilled people to meet demand.

The consequence? Companies must compete for the best candidates, and this can be costly and time-consuming.

Talented cybersecurity professionals are happy with their current employers – and recruiting is becoming increasingly challenging. Often, the tactic used to attract talented cybersecurity professionals is to offer higher salaries and bonuses.

And if you don’t respond to this market environment? You’ll suffer skills shortages, burned-out employees, reduced productivity, and falling profits.

Different Ways Companies Can Compete in This Competitive Workforce

We’ve identified how a candidate-driven market can leave cybersecurity companies in a vulnerable position. You’re at risk of losing out on talent, and even hemorrhaging talent from within. To combat this, here is what you should be doing right now:

1.     Develop Talent Pools

Developing a junior talent pool is a way to make sure that you are always ready to hire. The time it takes for one employee to be recruited, interviewed, and hired could span several weeks or even months – a costly and damaging void period, though better than filling a vacancy with a short term fix. But if you have a talent pool of candidates with business knowledge ie interns and apprenticeships, you can act swiftly.

This is especially true in the candidate-driven market. You have pre-screened talent. You know what to offer them. The hiring process is slick. This method is a long-term strategy to benefit you in inevitable future vacancies.

2.     Prioritize Hiring

The least successful companies treat hiring as an after-thought – an emergency response to a newly-open position. Don’t wait for the panic of an employee leaving or a client/project deadline approaching. You’ll leave your company vulnerable to hiring ill-qualified applicants.

Set a long-term strategy. Create a forward-looking quick hiring process, including deadlines, interview structures and scoring methods, and regularly updated and reviewed job descriptions. Be ready and proactive, always.

3.     Develop Internal Talent

Look in-house. You already have some quality cybersecurity potential in house. If you seek the soft skills that individuals have that will be the foundations for a long-term career with you.

Career progression is huge on the agenda for the most talented employees. You are more likely to retain employees who feel driven and supported. This will also attract others who wish to be supported in the same way, and who reciprocate this with loyalty to your organization.

4.     Offer More Money

It’s simple: if you want the best people, you must pay appropriately. The most talented candidates are in huge demand and their value is increasing even as they go through the hiring process.

5.     Offer Bespoke Packages

For some skilled candidates, other requirements or needs will be the deciding factor for them to join you. A flexible or hybrid role may be something their current employer won’t offer, for example. Ask them what it is they need. Consider if you can accommodate or supply it, and negotiate a winning offer.

6.     Make Yourself the Employer of Choice

Be the employer of choice and the most talented cybersecurity professionals will be drawn towards you and even actively seek an opening role with you.

This starts from nurturing your company culture from within. Support and motivate your employees, and they will become exceptional brand advocates.

How Tiro Security Can Help

At Tiro Security, we have the expertise and experience to source and screen the most talented cybersecurity individuals you need.

We offer multiple contract types, including permanent, contract, and executive search. Why is this important? Because it means that we can source and supply the talent that suits your financial budget.

Whether it’s short-term skills for a specific project, long-term placement, or an executive role – we have a highly nurtured and growing talent pool, as well as the cybersecurity expertise to deliver to your needs.

Contact Tiro Security today, and we’ll demonstrate how we help our clients with all their cybersecurity needs.

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