Cybersecurity and Its Unreasonable Requirements: How to fill the Unfillable Requirements.

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The current cybersecurity skills gap remains a huge issue in the industry. How big of an issue you might ask? Well, to put it visually, this year the expected open cybersecurity headcount will be enough to fill 50 NFL stadiums.

Fewer than one-fourth of these applicants will actually qualify for the requirements of the job.

Recent statistics reveal that 68% of cybersecurity professionals report that they have a staff shortage in their organizations. Due to these shortages, 56% also mention that they’ve experienced moderate to severe security risks.

Is it simply a matter of not having enough quality candidates in cybersecurity or are companies just setting their expectations way too high? The answer is probably a bit of both.

The Unicorn Employee

Many cybersecurity companies will search endlessly for a unicorn employee.

A unicorn employee in cybersecurity is essentially an employee that possesses a special set of qualities that make them  invaluable and highly coveted. To put it simply, they are a “do it all” type of worker that can fulfill multiple roles in the company.

Usually when a company loses someone like this, they will continue to chase for the next unicorn. Hence, the unrealistic job descriptions.

Get Your Positions Filled

At Tiro Security, our hiring process assessment follows a very specific model that we know works. We have filled a number of positions recently that have been open for some time, many with our competitors unable to fulfill them. These positions were filled in a matter of weeks utilizing our 5-step hiring process.

If you are a business, contact us now to let us know about your requirements, partner with us through our assessment and you can rest easy knowing that you will fill your position. If you are a candidate, send over your resume and we’ll work with you to find your dream next move.

A Word About Our CEO

Tiro Security’s CEO Kris Rides is one of the most experienced cybersecurity staffing specialists in the industry.

He is a founding board member of the Southern California Cloud Security Alliance Chapter and serves as an advisory board member to the National Cybersecurity Training & Education Center (NCYTE). With his many years of experience, Kris has spoken at some of the most prestigious conferences in the field including DEFCON,BSidesLV, ISC2 Congress, and RSA.

Speaking of RSA, Kris will be speaking there virtually in May alongside our vCISO Jenai Marinkovic as well as Head of Global Research for the Cloud Security Alliance, John Yeoh.

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