Ex-DHS official launches cyber-security nonprofit

Jane Holl Lute, former Department of Homeland Security deputy secretary, will launch a cybersecurity nonprofit organization focused on both conserving open Internet and highlighting best practices for protection again cyberattacks.

Lute will be president and chief executive officer of the new Council on Cybersecurity, serving over several other high profile board members. In the spring, she stepped down from the deputy secretary role at the Department of Homeland Security, where she was the second-highest official. It’s rumored that she may succeed Janet Napolitano as secretary.

At a conference hosted by the SANS Institute, which provides information security training and certification, Lute announced that the council will work to prepare cybersecurity professionals with the technology and skills they need to face current and upcoming challenges in the space.

“The council’s main focus is to accelerate the widespread availability and adoption of effective measures in cybersecurity and practice in technology, with respect to workforce and policy to achieve and sustain security in cyberspace,” Lute said.

Advisory board will include other noted tech and information security authorities including Vint Cerf, Internet Evangelist for Google; Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, and Booz Allen Hamilton Vice Chairman Mike McConnell. The National Security Agency’s former official Tony Sager will be Council on Cybersecurity’s director of programs.

As a whole, the council will encourage use of SANS’ security protocols in order to “ease the adoption” of the controls by the government and other programs.

“Jane Lute was a relentless voice of clarity in helping to define the proper purpose and role of government in securing the Internet,” Cerf has said.

Washington, D.C. will headquarter the council, which will be the successor organization to the National Board of Information Security Examiners.

“We’re going to assume the responsibility of leading ongoing efforts to continue to develop and evolve the controls,” Lute said.

Lute has been credited with strengthening government cybersecurity and advocating open Internet standards.

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