GoDaddy Says Router Issues, Not hackers, Were Responsible for Outages

The outages at GoDaddy this Monday which knocked millions of websites offlinewere caused by internal problems not hackers the company said on Tuesday.

New sources reported that GoDaddy said the outage affected “many of our customers” for several hours on Monday and that service was fully restored by late in the day.

“It was not a ‘hack’ and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS). We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and”

Responsibly was claimed by a hacker called AnonymousOwn3r. His response on twitter was “@godaddy says corrupted router data tables do you guys think an error would down 72 millions of websites? they don’t wanna lose customers!”

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