Hackers Release Peoples Credit Histories

A statement released by Team GhostShell a group affiliated to Hacktivists Anonymous , claimed they have hacked into over 100 websites over the weekend.   They gained access to passwords, documents and some data that even included credit histories.  The hackers claim over 1 Million records have been leaked on the web.

Analysis of the attack by a leading infosec firm shows that many of the content management systems had over 30,000 records and they were hacked mostly using a SQL injection attack.  SQL injection is one of the top methods of attack discussed in Hacker forums, here is a brief video describing the basics.

The attacks were made in protest against banks and in revenge for the rounding up of hacktivists by cops and government agents.   Team GhostShell have threatened to carry out further attacks and leak more sensitive data.  Is this the first step in the Occupy Firewall Street protest?

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