High Roller Poker Players Account Emptied By Hacker

An online poker player says a hacker used a malicious image file to compromise his computer and empty his account of over $115,000 in winnings.

Reports by Sophos say the player with the handle “_MicahJ_ ” says he was tricked by what appeared to be a fellow poker player and opened an email containg an image which installed a keylogging Trojan on his system. “I knew I shouldn’t have opened it but didn’t think until after the matter. I contacted others on suspected scamming but couldn’t get anything done until it was too late,” he wrote.

The hacker gained access transferred small amounts of money to an account linked with a yahoo email address and then lost $80,000 in high stake games.

It is not known for definite if _MicahJ_ was the victim of a malicious software attack and, if he was, what kind of malware was used. The player claims he uses a MAC which are generally less vulnerable to malware attacks.

Online poker forums reamin a popular target for hackers due to the huge amount of money involved.

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