How Can We Have Better Cybersecurity For Less?

Earlier Detection Leads to Improved Security and Less Costly Mitigation Measures

Does cybersecurity have to be expensive?

In the age of cyber warfare and digital intelligence, it is more important than ever for businesses to make cybersecurity a top concern. Not only does it protect against cybercrime, but it also makes sure that companies can continue their day-to-day operations without interruption.

We’ve got news for you. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan doesn’t have to be expensive.

While you cannot afford to be unprotected, you must do all you can within your IT security budget. Once you have covered the essential cybersecurity solutions, how can you do more for less?

How to Improve Cybersecurity for Less

Digital protection methods like encryption and firewalls can only do so much. They cannot stop an adversary from targeting systems that don’t have any protection at all.

Industry experts are now working hard to create better security measures to protect your connected devices from malicious attacks. Some businesses are investing in additional security measures, like biometric authentication and blockchain-based applications for this purpose. But there is plenty you can do to boost your cybersecurity and keep your costs under control.

Here are four things your business should do now.

Earlier Detection Leads to Improved Security and Less Costly Remediation Measures

Early detection is the key to the successful remediation of cybersecurity issues. A faster response time can help reduce the cost of all remediation strategies.

As technology advances, tools led by AI and the Internet of Things can be used to detect unusual behavior or activity on your system. You should also invest in employee training, coaching your people to spot and report such activity when it first occurs.

Ransomware Protection Is Needed, but You Also Need Prevention

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your computer files, demanding payment to decrypt them. It’s on the rise, and these types of attacks have victimized many people.

To help protect your business, you should employ precautions such as:

  • Using two-factor authentication
  • Securing credentials
  • Disabling remote access

Also, ensure that your employees avoid opening emails that they don’t recognize or downloading attachments from third-party websites.

It’s also essential to have regular data backups so that you can get your files back should you suffer a ransomware attack.

Decentralize Your Cybersecurity Team

In most organizations, the security team is centralized. However, it might be better to have a decentralized security team to defend against cyberattacks.

A decentralized team works in unison with other departments within an organization. They’re tasked with identifying and remediating cybersecurity threats in real-time by maintaining the appropriate level of vulnerability detection and taking quick action without any delay.

A decentralized team allows for a broad and distributed approach to security. Each team member has a unique perspective on the system and data. Moreover, it is easier to scale up when you have access to multiple teams rather than one.

Set Clear Security Standards and Procedures to Implement Best Practices

It is vital to have clear security standards and procedures before implementing any new cybersecurity measures. It is critical to ensure that your policies and procedures don’t leave gaps for hackers to break into and exploit.

To manage these best practices, you must implement a security management plan. You should also conduct periodic reviews on your security settings to ensure they’re up to date and current with the latest trends in cyberattacks.

Start With a Cybersecurity Audit to Develop Your Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

Before implementing any security measures, you should invest in a cybersecurity audit. This audit will identify security gaps in your company’s system. By taking note of these, you will implement the proper measures so that malicious actors can’t exploit them.

A cybersecurity audit is the best way to ensure that you carry out all the security measures you must, without unnecessarily overspending. And that will deliver more cybersecurity for less.

Contact Tiro Security today to learn about our cybersecurity audit process and for the advice and peace of mind, we deliver to all our clients.

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