Speaking today on IoT Security

With the recent launch of Amazon Key the visibility around Smart Homes and IoT Security is an even hotter topic.  Insecure IoT devices are helping to create some of the largest botnet networks we have ever seen.  These networks are being used to spread malware and create a huge platform for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks which take down targeted sites and effect many others.

According to a recent research paper by Bern Insight, 55 percent of all houses in North America will have smart home devices.  With that in mind here are a few tips to minimize your chances of having your smart home hacked:

  • Always keep your devices installed with the latest updates
  • If multifactor authentication is available, use it
  • Always change default usernames and passwords
  • Put your IoT device on a separate network from your computer
  • Do not use insecure or public WiFi networks with these devices

If you’re a builder, a breaker, into IoT, or are simply happen to be in the San Francisco area, come say hello to one of our founders  Rob Pope who is speaking on IoT Security at the Smart Home Summit in Palo Alto today!

Tiro Security are a Los Angeles based Information Security company who help businesses protect themselves from cyber security issues by helping build out security programs and providing cyber security professional services. We have performed multiple IoT device penetration tests so if you are in the IOT business and have concerns about your product please contact us.

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