Kickstart your Career in InfoSec with the Peerlyst Guide

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing job markets in the world today, though newcomers can find breaking into the field a difficult feat. Yet, with Forbes reporting a growth of over $90 billion in the next four years, there seems to be no time like the present to make a career switch. Thanks to Peerlyst’s new “Beginner’s Guide to Information Security”, it’s easier than ever to start a career in information security off right.

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This guide book offers valuable insights from numerous industry leaders and professionals. They lend their expertise in areas of certification, job opportunities, as well as skill mastering. With Cisco predicting over one million job positions opening in the field in the next three years, this advice could be the difference between getting hired and not. The chapters differentiate in topic based on each authors background. InfoSec Staffing industry professional and Co-Founder of Tiro Security, Kris Rides, gives his take on how to work with recruiters to land your ideal job, while Yuri Livshitz tackles how one should respond to a security incident, and Cheryl Biswas shares her thoughts on the need to create a more gender balanced workforce in the industry.

No matter your degree of skill, or level of experience, there is something for everyone in the “Beginner’s Guide to Information Security”.  For those looking for a career switch within the tech field, the guide offers a brush up on skills and solutions for making a seamless transition. The change in career path could result in a 9% salary premium over IT jobs, according to Burning Glass Technologies. The guide even manages to dive into the industry as a whole, and give projections of what its future may hold.Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.10.40 PM

Looking at the big picture, Peerlyst’s “Beginner’s Guide to Information Security” makes resources and industry ‘secrets’ accessible to anyone seeking a career in InfoSec, no strings attached. Today only, you can get a free copy of the guide on Amazon.

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