Lawyers make mobile apps – is the information secure?

“There’s an app for that” is true for just about everything these days. Next on the agenda to conquer the digital age are lawyers who aim to further serve clients by creating individualized mobile apps.

With the head in the sand attitude that many firms take toward cyber security, it is important for any legal professional planning to implement a mobile app to allow technology and data security to be at the forefront of the program.

At the International Legal Technology Association Conference in August, Frans Johansson of The Medici Group consulting firm, said “Legal teams have an opportunity to collaborate with the other business functions to really set the organization up to be innovative — to set it up for success,” according to Law Technology News.

Although the Citrix model has been commonly used to deliver an app and data from a law firm to remote mobile devices, there are still several security concerns that have been expressed by law professionals.

The sixth annual Global Fraud Survey from Kroll Advisory Solutions polled 839 senior executives around the world and demonstrated that information theft is a continual threat to enterprises. The cyber attackers seek client data, as well as financial and strategic data. Acquired information can then lead to things like insider training or the dissolution of costly business deals, as occurred when Coca Cola got hacked by Chinese hackers during a potential acquisition of China Huiyuan Juice Group, according to a Bloomberg report.

Lack of knowledge or diligence in regard to both digital and physical security is what leaves systems open to this sort of attack. Kroll reported, “In 51 percent of cases, the theft of an employee’s technology (such as a computer or mobile phone) or an employee mistake was involved.” If the devices become compromised, the entire information of the app can be leaked, leading to complex cyberattacks.

The report continued: “A lack of attention can be costly: companies that lose the most to fraud are those that are less likely to have fraud controls in place.”

Law firms don’t often have information security as a top priority, but taking heed when entering the digital arena is imperative.

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