POS Hacker Gets Seven Years

Two Romanian nationals who took part in a hacking scheme that involved more than 146,000 credit card pleaded guilty in a New Hampshire court. Both agreed to time behind bars, one seven years the other 21 months.

News sources report Iulian Dolan and Cezar Butu admitted that between 2009 and 2011, they worked with co-conspirator Adrian-Tiberiu Oprea in an elaborate POS hacking scheme.

Oprea is awaiting trial after being extradited to the U.S. in May for hacking into hundreds of U.S.-based point of sale (POS) systems to steal credit and debit card numbers and then use the stolen payment card data to make unauthorized charges or sell the stolen card data to others who would do the same.

Dolan admitted that he, along with Oprea, remotely hacked into U.S. merchants’ point-of-sale systems that stored payment card data.

The team scanned the Internet looking for vulnerable POS systems. Once found they attacked remote desktop software, cracked passwords and installed keyloggers and sniffers to collect credit card info. They would then periodically revisit the POS systems and collect information.

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