Ransomware and Its Victims

Ransomware in the News

Just this week, there has been a report of a ransomware attack that has plagued our local San Bernardino City Unified School District. This attack directly targeted the school district’s computer network which in turn has blocked all entry to numerous vital district files. While District Safety Manager Eric Vetere maintains that no student data has been compromised, he cannot help but acknowledge the difficulties associated with the attack, such as running the day-to-day operations of the school district. Vetere notes that “there are significant challenges to access the District network because the District systems are down.” The school district has yet to disclose the sum of the ransom but reassures that they will remain vigilant in getting the issue resolved as soon as possible.

What is Ransomware and Why it Matters

Understanding Ransomware is easy enough since its meaning lies within its name. To put it simply, Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to data or even whole computer systems until a ransom is paid. These attacks affect the victim by delaying work progress, slowing down commerce, and of course having valuable data be at risk of being exposed. Ransomware is a huge issue that can affect anyone that isn’t properly prepared. In the past it has affected all industries from government agencies, hospitals, commercial businesses to in this case, the education sector. Small businesses are most at risk due to the lack of investment or even knowledge of disaster recovery and cyber security. According to Hiscox, an insurance carrier that specializes in the small to medium business market, these cyberattacks on average cost up to $200,000.  As a result of these attacks, 60% of these businesses go into bankruptcy. Having quality, regular backups and a tested disaster recovery program among other defense strategies, will go a long way in preserving the lifespan of a small business in this digital age.

How Tiro Security can Help

Good news, while Ransomware attacks are a worrying trend, your business can be prepared for them. Here at Tiro Security, your data and cyber security matters to us. We offer cost effective, quality, comprehensive risk assessment services, targeted phishing simulations and online security awareness training that can help ensure you lower your risk to not only ransomware but also many other cyber security issues.  For more information and solutions, continue checking out our website or call us at (424) 216-8476.

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