Recruiters getting spammed!


I know what some of you are thinking, how do you like it now the shoe is on the other foot?  Well I don’t but not only because I don’t like being spammed…. I mean who does?  More because some of the stuff I get is the exact reason why all recruiters get tarred with the same brush. I am proud of working in the Recruitment Industry, I think we provide a valuable service and I enjoy working in the Information Security marketplace in which we specialize.

I’ve worked in the recruitment industry since 1999 and I’ve seen a lot of changes over the last 17 years, generally they have been very positive and I like to think on the whole it’s become more professional. Certainly it’s now a genuine career and I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best in the industry.

However, every now I then I get reminded why we are so disliked.  Generally the guilty party works for one the larger recruitment companies, those driven by only the bottom line and not by the quality of what they do. You know them, they are the same ones who “specialize” in exactly what you are looking for and yet their adverts show they will fill anything they can lay there hands on. Those that need volume to earn their commission or do more deals than the person who sits next to them.   I’ve been there; I was that “Got any jobs” recruiter but I learned rapidly that the quick win doesn’t build a long term relationship with your customers or a long term career for you. For every win you get from an email like the below, you get multiple losses you don’t even know about.

Now don’t get me wrong, for some businesses there is still a place for a well-crafted email, directed to a specific group of clients or candidates that have been identified as being genuinely interested in its content. When time is of the essence and there isn’t enough time to individually call and email each person that’s when all of the work you have done leading up to this will pay off. You need to understand what the people in your list are looking for, and then ensure what you write is relevant to them and what THEIR needs are…. NOT yours.

So all the recruiters out there please value what you do, if you do, your candidates / clients will value it too and I can promise you companies will and do pay more for a service that they value.   So do all of us professional recruiters a favor and please don’t compromise the quality of the service you provide.

I will leave you all to enjoy my rather sarcastic reply to the above email….. here’s hoping the guilty party gets to read this post!

Kris Rides is CEO of Tiro Security a boutique Cyber Security staffing and professional services partner based in Los Angeles. With a variety of technical skills in-house, theTiro Security team offers the most flexible, cost effective and comprehensive solutions. On the staffing side we build strong relationships with our candidates which help our clients get access to those hard to find people they need. For those companies looking to develop their security program we believe in making information Security available to all businesses and have focused on solutions for small to medium businesses.

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