RIP Kobe Bryant

As a company that is headquartered in Los Angeles and has an office in El Segundo just down the road from the Lakers practice facility, Tiro Security would like to send our condolences to all that were affected by the tragic Helicopter crash yesterday morning.

I’m of similar age to Kobe with a daughter who is just a few days younger than his youngest, Capri and the thought of what his, as well as the other families are facing this morning is heartbreaking. It really puts into perspective how short life is and how important it is to cherish your loved ones.


Kobe’s was the first Basketball shirt I owned, I bought one of his jerseys for my nephew back in the UK and as soon as he grew out of it my niece was in it.  Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest of the Lakers a few times and I was blessed to see Kobe play one of his last games before his retirement from the floor.

I checked in this morning with Nathan who does our marketing, knowing he is a huge Lakers and Kobe fan. He told me he had been watching Kobe for more than half his life and he had some of his favorite times with his father watching Kobe and talking basketball.   Kobe inspired us all with his mamba mentality, the amazing stories about his work ethic and resilience. Kobe’s reach extended far beyond basketball, he was a businessman, director, author, and of course a father….. it seems like there was nothing that Kobe couldn’t excel at when he put his mind to it.


It’s for all these reasons that the people of Los Angeles and elsewhere are feeling the impact of the passing of someone most of us never got the chance to meet.

Let yesterday be a reminder to make the most of all of your family time, give your family an extra big hug tonight and remember as Kobe said:

Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.

RIP Kobe and thank you for all the memories.



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