Tax Scam Season Is Here

1380007_75870024It’s spring in the US and that means tax time. This is also a bumper time for tax scammers and to remind us of this the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) posted its Dirty Dozen list of tax scams for 2013.

The IRS complies this list every year. Scams run all year round but right now is when they peak as individuals and bushiness scramble to submit their taxes.


Here are the top tax scams for 2013, some of them more obvious than others…..

Identity Theft, Phishing, Return Preparer Fraud, Hiding Income Offshore, “Free Money” from the IRS & Tax Scams Involving Social Security, Impersonation of Charitable Organizations, False/Inflated Income and Expenses, False Form 1099 Refund Claims, Frivolous Arguments, Falsely Claiming Zero Wages, Disguised Corporate Ownership, Misuse of Trusts. 

Unbeknown to most people the IRS produces a regularly update list of email scams and attempts to steal personal information. The list can be found here . Useful if you receive any bizarre information requests.

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