Tiro Security founder to present at Content Protection Summit

In the last year, and specifically the last couple of weeks, a few high profile security events have thrust content protection into the spotlight. Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and Content Delivery Security Association (CDSA) will produce the fifth annual Content Protection Summit at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California on Dec. 9.

Many of the industry’s major players will gather Tuesday to discuss the global intellectual property climate in regard to privacy and anti-piracy, and present on the challenges and opportunities the industry will face in the upcoming year. This year’s theme will be “What’s New, What’s Disruptive, What’s Going to Change the Game?”

The Summit is the entertainment industry’s official event for content protection executives, including industry leaders from areas such as movies, television, games, music and more. Tiro Security founders Kris Rides and Rob Pope are heavily involved in security testing for the entertainment industry and will both be in attendance.

Rob will be speaking on the What to Do (and Who to Call) When You are Hacked panel. Other panels include: Protecting Content: Where Creativity and Security Meet, The Global State of Information Security, How to Secure Brick & Mortar in the Age of Digital Services, This Script Will Self Destruct in 2 Hours, It’s About the Money: Strategies to Disrupt Funding Piracy, and What’s the Forecast for Securing the Cloud?

MESA, an event producer, is an organization that aims to support entertainment service providers in creating, producing and distributing physical and digital media. CDSA is a global forum dedicated to secure storage and delivery or entertainment, software and other information, and has created industry standards that must be met by content service providers.

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