Tiro Security Looks to Secure Los Angeles Silicon Beach Start-Up Community

Tiro Security – an evolutionary infosec staffing company – announces its launch to assist the flourishing Los Angeles IT market protect its digital assets.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

Founders of Tiro Security, Kris and Rob, are friends with over thirty years of involvement in the recruitment and IT security sectors. With their shared understanding and unrivaled knowledge of their own lines of work, the friends created Tiro Security; a mix that blends Kris’s staffing proficiency with Rob’s experience of information security, an exceptional combination that sets Tiro Security apart from other staffing firms.

An evolutionary development to the staffing provider marketplace, Tiro Security launched with the objective of presenting clients with an original and unique IT security recruitment partner that has unprecedented technical skills and can also deliver entire security projects.

CEO Kris Rides on Tiro Security: “We are really excited to launch Tiro Security here in Santa Monica. With so many well-publicized data losses recently, whether you’re an established business or a start-up, IT security is a major concern. An IT security breach can severely damage a company’s reputation; if clients and consumers lose confidence, the results could be irreparable. With the combination of our staffing and InfoSec experience, Tiro Security is uniquely placed to help clients of all sizes.”

An undeniable trend in the last year has been the rise of cyber-attacks against government and corporate targets with hacking media reports being an almost daily occurrence. With huge numbers of compromised computers still remaining under the control of cyber-criminals and complicated targeted attacks such as ‘spear phishing’ on the rise, the need for cyber-security is paramount.

The start-up market within Los Angeles’ West side – dubbed silicon beach – is also experiencing indisputable growth. Tiro Security very quickly realized that newly formed companies have very rarely considered information security.

In a start-up, much of the focus is placed on trying to be first to market or protecting differentiation. Very few start-ups prioritize how to protect their most critical information. Insert Tiro Security, the solution that aims to educate and assist its fellow start-up community on how best to protect their data and ensure security isn’t overlooked.

Tiro Security has produced a FREE primer with advice on IT security, specifically for start-ups, based on frequently asked questions received. The document can be requested here.

If you need help understanding or implementing any of this advice, are looking at IT Security Jobs, or whether you need contract, permanent staff or an executive search, Tiro Security can help.

For more information please call Kris Rides on +1 (424) 216-8476 or email info(at)tirosec(dot)com.

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