Apple Hacked – complete overhaul of developer site

Apple admitted to an intruder’s attempt to get access to the personal details of Apples registered developers in an email sent out Sunday, Jul. 21 at 4pm to the Apple developer network.

The site showed this message to the developers who tried to log in:


Although Apple confirmed that sensitive personal information was encrypted, they couldn’t guarantee whether Thursday’s hacker managed to get access to developer names, addresses, email addresses and other sensitive information. Sunday they took the site down.

The developers have to submit sensitive company information such as EIN and articles of incorporation when registering for the site.  This gives the application developers access to the latest development tools and Apple OS environments.  It has not been confirmed if the iTunes Connect information, which pays the companies that supply the application store, has also been affected.

In the security community, even companies that spend millions of dollars a year to secure their sensitive information, can be susceptible to a determined attacker.  Companies large and small are being targeted as you read this.

The questions you should be asking yourself as a business owner are:

  • How secure is your company?
  • What would a security breach cost you both technically and in brand reputation?
  • When did you last test your security?

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