Hackers Targeting Hospitals

Why Hospitals Are Being Targets

Earlier this week it was revealed that hackers may begin to target hospitals and healthcare organizations more and more amidst the crisis. Bad actors tend to take advantage of chaos and with so many hospitals being particularly vulnerable due to such a large influx of patients due to COVID-19 and their frontline staff focusing on trying to keep themselves healthy it leaves them open to cyber attacks. Matt Gyde, CEO of NTT’s security division, notes that he has seen more attacks happen to hospitals in the past six weeks than ever before. Most of these attacks come in the form of email phishing attacks as well as ransomware. Tom Burt, Vice President of customer security and trust at Microsoft, points out that both these forms of attacks have increased since the pandemic. Ransomware is especially dangerous because these hackers will hold hospital systems hostage and ask for seven or eight figure payments to rectify the situation. Cyberattacks against these hospitals will continue to become more prevalent as their situations get worse, therefore it is crucial that we find a way to help these people in the frontlines.

Tiro Security Wants To Help

One of the biggest detriments to these hospitals is understaffed security teams. Most of these hospitals understandably have their attention focused on getting the proper equipment for their patients and hiring for more help on the frontline. The result is that internal recruiters do not have the bandwidth to support the security teams hiring. With many Hospitals unable to justify fees to recruiters, these roles are going unfilled and putting these Hospitals at risk. That is why while we have some spare bandwidth, we would like to donate our expertise to fill these requirements. So if there are any CISOs of hospitals here in the USA that would like us to help please contact us at (424) 216-8476 or by privately messaging our CEO Kris Rides via LinkedIn.

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