Hospital Help

Tiro Security want the people in the front line to have fully staffed cyber security teams supporting them. We believe potential fees spent on recruitment agencies should be diverted to the area’s where it’s most needed. If you are a CISO of an understaffed security team at a hospital, urgent care or any front line business or nonprofit and you have open headcount we would like to donate our time to finding you your staff at zero cost! Our team will use our extensive network and cyber security expertise to work extensively with these front-line businesses to help get their roles filled quickly with the hope that some of the burden is lifted. With the extra bandwidth we have because of sweeping hiring freezes we feel that this is the best use of the teams time and skills. We would love to help out in our little way so we encourage healthcare professionals in need to reach out to us by calling (424) 216-8476 or by sending a message to our CEO Kris Rides via LinkedIn.

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