Remote Working And Increasing Security Risks

If a recent article in the Harvard Business Review is anything to go by you can expect more companies to be taking a closer look at teleworking.  The classic reasons for not allowing remote working just don’t hold water.  In the article an investment firm found that actually the remote workers were as bought in, if not more so than on-site workers.  Reasons for this may be that management make better use of their time when connecting with staff and make an extra effort to speak to them and find out what’s happening in their world.  When someone is in the same office and you see them daily it’s easy to take for granted that you know how they are, after all “you only saw them yesterday”.

In today’s world the ability to work remotely is something that an increasing number of us take for granted.  As the ability to access and share data remotely is made easier the issues around the security of that information are also increasing.  Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article focusing on maintaining security specifically for remote workers.  There are some interesting tips shared especially helpful for small to medium sized companies.  You can read a copy here.

So if your firm is looking at allowing remote workers, or has an increasing number or teleworkers with access to more and more data perhaps its time to take a look at your risks.

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