Future Wars Fought in Cyber Space?

During a recent conference in Baltimore Senior Officer, Marine Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills talked about the use of Cyber warfare against the USA’s enemies.  During 2010 he was serving as a commander in Afghanistan and made use of several operations against adversaries with great results.

Although in-depth details of the attacks weren’t discussed it is still important news that cyber attacks have finally been admitted.

It has been rumored that the major powers have been investing in Cyber warfare for many years. Stuxnet was one of the most well known examples of a cyber weapon which was used to disrupt the development of the Iranian Nucleur industry.

Stuxnet attack in 2010 was allegedly coordinated by the usa and Israel and a new malware which seems to be prevalent in the Middle East codenamed flame seems to have some of its code originating from a 2009 version of Stuxnet according to Kaspersky Labs.

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