Spear Phishing an old tactic using new distribution?

One of the headaches for the phishermen out over the last 10 years is to find a reliable place to host the phishing sites.  The online community have been getting better and better at cracking down on these sites but it seems that they may now be looking at another phishing option.

It has gained the nickname Spear Phishing for its targeted attacks on individuals.  In a recent paper by Henning Klevjer he discusses the ability to create phishing websites without needing to host them.  This is done by copying a webpage and inserting specific data URI’s redirecting parts of the page.

As you can see it wouldn’t be too hard to come up with a legitimate looking webpage using this.  The next step is propagating the URL and this is where a URL shortening service comes in.  More and more social media sites use URL shortening services, it wouldn’t be hard to target people that follow specific companies with these type of URL’s.  According to the paper TinyURL.COM’s service allows large data URI’s to be shortened to short URL’s.

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