What Should I Look For in a Reputable Cybersecurity Firm?

10 Factors to Assess Before Choosing a Cybersecurity Partner

If you’re reading this, you already know how crucial it is to protect your networks, systems, hardware, software, and data from cybercriminals and data breaches. Adequate security provided by a reputable cybersecurity firm will help to:

  • Protect sensitive data
  • Keep employees, customers, and other connected parties safe
  • Ensure continuity of operations if your security is breached
  • Protect the reputation of your business
  • Help your business to grow

You only need to decide which is the right cybersecurity firm to choose as your partner.

Here are the ten factors you should consider.

1.    The focus of the Cybersecurity Firm

You need cybersecurity, so select a firm whose focus is in this area. Generalist IT providers won’t cut it. You need the best advice from the best professionals.

2.    Choose a Partner, Not a Contractor

You want to know that the firm you work with will be a partner and stand by your side for the long term. A close business relationship will help you both be transparent, with your success the primary goal.

3.    Clients Like You

Ask if the firm has clients like you, in the same industry, subject to the same regulations, with similar security concerns and issues, and with cybersecurity frameworks that are best for your business.

The more relevant experience the firm has, the better it will be for you.

4.    A Firm With a Good Reputation

Only speak to cybersecurity firms that have a good reputation. You’ll need to do a little research here. Dig around to learn if the firm has any skeletons in the closet, and make sure that they hold the necessary certifications to prove their staff are fit to advise and operate in cybersecurity.

5.    Cracking Customer Service

You must partner with a cybersecurity firm with outstanding customer service. You need to know they will be available when required and respond promptly to a cyber incident. Only partner with a cybersecurity firm that prioritizes its clients’ needs.

6.    A Firm With the Toolbox to Service You

What’s in a cybersecurity toolbox? Knowledge, experience, expertise, and tools of the trade. The firm should provide a few essentials, such as firewalls, antivirus software, penetration testing, managed data loss, intrusion detection, and cybersecurity response services. But this is a minimum. The depth of the cybersecurity toolbox you should seek will depend on the services you need.

7.    The Cybersecurity Services You Need

Look at the package of services offered by the cybersecurity firm. Do they cover your needs? Solutions that you may require might include:

  • Onsite support
  • Virtual support
  • Backups
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Early detection and response
  • Regular system evaluation
  • Cybersecurity training for your employees

You may also need penetration testing, data loss management services, and digital forensics.

8.    A Results-Oriented Approach

The firm’s objective should always be to protect your business. Ask how it measures its success. You’re looking for a firm that prioritizes security outcomes, not sales.

9.    People Who Speak Your Language

Cybersecurity is a highly technical field, and it’s easy to get lost in the industry’s language and jargon. To make the best decisions for your business, you must understand the risks and solutions. Choose a firm that explains everything you need to know in a language you understand.

10. Value vs. Price

Price is what you pay, and value is what you receive. You may not have budgeted for a security program, and it can be challenging to know how much cybersecurity will cost. The fact is that it is impossible to say. The factors that affect how much you should invest include:

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Selecting the Right Cybersecurity Firm for You ─ The Final Word

Prevention is better than cure, and in the world of cybersecurity, the firm you select to partner with will determine how good that prevention is. Choose the right cybersecurity firm, and your IT infrastructure and data will be protected, any damage from security breaches will be minimized, and your business will be able to continue to do business.

Are you looking for a reputable cybersecurity firm to partner with? One that can help you assess your cybersecurity needs to help ensure you know what you are looking for? Contact Tiro Security to help.

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